Saturday, May 12, 2012

World Age Group Pics 4

Suzie Owen and Shawna Peters (coach from Kelowna)

Striking a pose in the sun with team from France and Belguim

New partner for Cory.

Tessa and Jack press to handstand on long arms for the first time.

Tessa finds a new partner from the French team.

Can we all do a handstand at the same time.

Only a few can do standing back tucks though.

Grab a new partner and try something.

Who can hold their handstand the longest.  The best of the best.

Three spotters needed for this balance routine.

Where are the spotters when you need them.  Cory tries some acro with his dad Richard.

What else should one do in the pool but acro.  The Russian guys playing in the pool.

Jackie and Don striking a pose at the World Age Groups.

Edward Upcott of the Great Britain team and Britain's Got Talent fame with Don.

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