Monday, January 27, 2014

Fundraising Thank You!

The Acrobatic Gymnastics Program would like to thank
Nancy Carss and Debbie D'Souza 
for doing the chocolate fundraiser during the 1st Ontario Cup.  The chocolate fundraiser raised just under $1,000 dollars for the acro program and will help cover the costs for David and Jane to attend the Maia Cup in Portugal. This greatly reduces the cost for the athletes attending the the Maia Cup.  

We really appreciate all that these two ladies have done to build and support the development of the Acrobatics program at the Oakville Gymnastics Club.

Acro Event Schedule 203/2014 Updated

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Serg Splank

Here is Serg working at his new job in Australia.  
Nice Maple Leafs cap, oh, and nice splank too.  lol

We miss you Serg!  
We are jealous of the weather there.

2nd Ontario Cup for Acrobatic Gymnastics Coming UP

The 2nd Ontario Cup for Acrobatic Gymnastics will take place on Saturday, February 22nd at the Gymnastics Mississauga Club.  See the following link for the address.

The OGC will be sure to register all of our athletes.  

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Family Fun Night Fundraiser January 25th

Hey All Acrobatic Gymnastics program families,  we are running a Family Fun Night fundraiser on 
Saturday, January 25th from 4:30 to 6:30pm.  

We need all of the Elite A & B acrobats to put on a demonstration and assist with supervising the obstacle course circuits.  Please plan to attend.  As well, all Elite A and B athletes should bring a healthy snack food to share with at least 12 people on the evening of the event as we provide snacks, drinks and pizza for all participants.

As well, we will need a couple parents to volunteer to help organize the food and snacks.  

Athletes in the Provincial acrobatics groups pay $15 to attend and are asked to invite family, friends and anyone who you think might be interested in coming to the gym for a fun event that will help out the acrobatic gymnastics program at the Oakville Gymnastics Club.. 

Registration is prior to the Family Fun Night.  You can register in the office or by email.

We hope everyone in the Acrobatic Gymnastics Program will attend.

Friday, January 3, 2014

January Acro Schedule

To see in larger format click on the picture or save as an image and view in your picture file.

Please note the small schedule changes due to Serg leaving and David taking over Serg's groups.

Also, note the Family Fun Night Fundraiser that the Acro Program will be hosting on Saturday, January 25th.  All Elite A and B athletes will be expected to perform as demonstrators and help with supervision of the event.

Boys Acro Christmas pic

Boys Acro group Looking Cool at Christmas!

Boys splank too

Boys can splank too.  
(we need to work on our splits more anyways, lol).

Knobby knees on Chase doing is parallell bars splank

Dylan doing the monkey bar splank.

Jayden's standing splank

Joe, how low can you go!

Hey.  Look.  That guy is doing a splank on the weight bench.  Nice Marcas.

Yikes!  Ryan.

The casual splank from Theo.

Ioana hanging splank on the rings.  We realize that Ioana is not a boy but she coaches boys so she's still cool.

Splanking hurts.  Look mom!  No hands.  Jean Claude Van Don!  Wabam!

Allison's Restaurant Splanks

Here is Ally splanking at Lone Star Restaurant.  
I like the skull and the cowboy hat.  Cool!  
Splanking Wild West style.

Sydney More Splanks

Sydney has been the most prolific splanker in the group. 
 Here's a bunch more splanks.

The horses think you're weird Syd.  Or their gonna eat you.

Natalia Splanking pics

Nice splank pics Natalia.  
I like the over-splank on the swings. lol

Jessica Splanking Everywhere

Here are some fun and creative splanking photos from Jessica.  See you really can splank anywhere.

Claire's Splank

 Here is Claire's splanking photo submission.  
Why is Claire so small?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a very 
Happy New Year 
gold medal performances 
in 2014!

Go OGC Acrobatics!