Saturday, May 12, 2012

World Age Group Pics 3

The 11-16 Women's Pair of Rochelle Greenberg (base) and Ava Cochlan (top) from Calgary Acro about to perform their dynamic routine.

Jamie Patrick and Cory Marsh the Junior (12-19) Men's Pair performing their dynamic routine.

Rochelle and Ava strike a pose.  Are you looking judges?

Jamie and Cory hit their balances in their balance routine.

Tessa Chiricosta and Jack McGarr  put some style into the 11-16 Mixed Pair dynamic routine.  Nice rhinestones Jack.

Tessa and Jack showing off during their balance routine.

So happy to be done and be up on the big screen.

The Mississauga 11-16 Women's trio of Mikaela Pingol, Syandene Wahrmann-Baker and Xhosa Wahrmann-Baker  go for the catch in their dynamic routine.

The girls looked great in their balance routine.

The 11-16 Women's Pair of Adele Lefevre and Madison Arnold from Kelowna hit a deep arch in their balance routine.

About to go for the big throw in their dynamic routine.

So happy to be done and strike a pose for Grace Chiu of Grace Click photos.

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