Monday, June 30, 2014

Handstand Photo Contest

It's that time of year for the OGC Summer Handstand Photo contest.  Please send in your best, most creative, super awesome summer handstand photos.  
Here are some great ideas on how to make your handstand photo stand out.

The best three pics will win nifty prizes in September.  

Be the first to get your Summer Handstand 
posted here on the blog.

Okay this might be dangerous.  Maybe don't do this.

Beautiful.  If you take your photo in a dress squeeze your knees together like she does.

Totally thought this was Sydney in a red morph suit. 

July Acrobatic Gymnastics Schedule for OGC Acrobatics

Summer is finally here.

I'm posting both the July and August 
Acrobatic Gymnastics training schedules for the 
Oakville Gymnastics Club's 
Acrobatic Gymnastics program.

Please note that the first week is short due to the Canada Day holiday falling on the Tuesday.

Also, note that the 2nd week of July is schedule off for the Acro program.

If you know that your acrobat will be away for camps or cottages please send your coach an email to let them know.

Have a great summer and don't forget to send in your Handstand Photos for the Handstand Photo Contest.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Good Luck In Paris

Good Luck to our Oakville Gymnastics Club Acrobatic Gymnastics team athletes who will represent Canada at the World Age Group Championships in Paris, France the first week of July.  It has been a long road of preparation for Tessa, Alex, Sophie, Natalie and Jack.  
Do your best.  
Have a great time. 

To read the article click on the image to see it in a larger format.

Jack and Natalie dramatic finish pose as a 12-18 Mixed Pair.

Our 11-16 Age Group Trio of Tessa, Alex and Sophie.

The OGC Acrobats ready to go to the World Age Group Championships in Paris.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer and Fall schedule minor changes

Hi Acro Team,

I have posted here an updated schedule.  The Friday acro training in the summer has been moved to a morning time in order to provide you with a longer weekend.  If gym loading is too difficult, it might need to move back to the afternoon so that we can find some space in the gym.  We will know better after the first week but with the competitive programs taking different weeks off there should only be one or two Fridays where space might be a bit tight.

The Fall schedule has only changed by a half hour on the Monday, Age Group schedule so that the athletes can be done a bit earlier before coming in for a Tuesday morning training.

We have been slow to fill in the coaches for the 4 hour and Provincial groups as there has been some back and forth as to who would take on these groups.  We have our summer set but are still trying to solidify who will take the Provincial 1 6 hour group in the fall/winter/spring.

For the summer the 4 hour group will be coached by Katy and a new coach Alyssa.  Alyssa was a provincial level tumbler and an international level cheerleader.  Her experience in lifts and catches make her an ideal coach for this beginner level.  Alyssa will take over full responsibility for the group in the fall as Katy will be off to university.  Alyssa will be away for 4 weeks of the summer as she coaches for Woodward's Gymnastics and Cheerleading Camp in the USA.  

The Provincial 1 group will be coached by Katy for the Summer.  Again the fall/winter/spring coach is still to be verified.  We WILL have a coach but at this time we cannot say for certain who that will be.  As acro is still new in Canada finding coaches with Acro experience is almost impossible.

Mac Senior will be taking the Provincial 2, 9 hour group.  Mac is a former National level tumbler and is currently one of our best male acro bases.  He will be training in the Junior/Senior group hence the Provincial 2 group has to train around his training schedule.  Mac has been coaching the Acro Boys group with Don this past year gaining experience.  Mac is completing his level 2 coaching certification and learning about the specifics of acro from his coaches David and Jane.

We are still looking to possibly bring in a replacement for Serg so that we have an additional international coach with Acrobatic Gymnastics specific experience.  With so many competitions and events happening over the past 3 months time has been limited.  With a more relaxed schedule on the horizon finding the right person to add to our team will be a priority. 

More information on the Fridays at Wolfpack Cheer Force Cheerleading Club are to follow as we solidify the agreement we have with them.  More information to follow.  

Hope this update has been useful.

If you have questions, concerns, training conflicts, or you know the weeks that you will be away over the summer please contact via email as that is the easiest way for us to get back to you.

Thanks for your patience and commitment to the Acrobatic Gymnastics program as we get ready for the 2014/2015 acro season.

OGC Year End Banquet

Please note that there will be no Acrobatic Gymnastics training on 
Wednesday, June 18th 
as we are having our Year End Banquet at the St. Joseph's Ukrainian Church.  

The address is: 300 River Oaks Blvd. E.
  Meet and Greet starts at 5:30pm.  
Please be sure to sign in when you arrive.

St. Joseph's Ukrainian Church in Oakville.

Monday, June 9, 2014

June Schedule

Sorry so late getting this up here.  It's been busy.
To see in larger format click on the image.