Sunday, July 11, 2010

Worlds Day 5 Results

Today Canada's Women's Pair in the 11-16 category placed 22nd overall with a nice dynamic routine.

The Canadian Men's Four in the 11-16 category (Oakville's own) had a solid dynamic routine and placed 4th.

The Canadian Men plan to do their dynamic routine again tomorrow in the finals. Good luck boys.

12 to 19 Men's Groups

The 12 to 19 year old Men's groups are pretty amazing.

Some ACRO pics

Thought you might want to see some of what the other teams are doing.
We have a long way to go to catch up but we are off to a good start.
It's absolutely one of the most beautiful and entertaining sports in the world.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Worlds Day 4

Today Canada's Age Acrobats competed in the Balance routine. This was the first ever competition for both of Canada's groups. Congratulations to the Girl's Pair and the Boy's Group.
Results are here. You can even see Eva in the bottom corner, on the "Kiss and Cry" couch if you look really close.

It's been a long day so this post is short.

Good luck tomorrow in the Dynamic routines.

Go Canada! Go!

Friday, July 9, 2010

The competition

Links to the competition:




Didnt have time to download the video and then post it. You will have to use these links.

The Brits are the same ones we are competing against tomorrow.

No Webcast

Please note that there will be NO webcast. might post some results faster than I will. You can check there.

It will only be shown on Polish TV.

Senior World Championships will be webcast and there will be FIG DVD's for sale at somepoint.

Worlds Day 3 More pics & Problems

Okay, so today saw it's share of mistakes as well.
Here are the highlights and low lights.

Low light: Early Training

Highlight: We had Balance music and the routine looked good.

Low light: Decided how we would replace the bridge pyramid. (I still miss the bridge. It looked interesting.)

Highlight: Pretty solid Dynamic routine in practise gym.

Highlight: Cory and Daphne marched in with the flag for Canada.

Highlight: The Canadian boys were asked if one of them could read the Athlete's Oath. Jack and Jamie did Rock/Paper/Scissors for the job. Jamie won. (He's in the picture in the bottom left).

Highlight: Opening ceremony! Was simple and exciting for our wild fans!!!

Highlight: We have a handsome team!

I also have a tonne of pics from today so if my Internet works tomorrow at the gym maybe I can get a couple more up during the day.

Good luck Canada! We compete tomorrow!

Worlds Day 2 Too Much

Hi, I have too many photos for day two so I'm only posting a few choice images for your viewing pleasure.

Things of note on Day 2:

Still no music for our balance routine.

Had a CD for Dynamic (throwing/catching/tumbling routine). The routine looked good.

Found out we needed to change a pyramid (the cool bridge one is out). The new on is ... enh ... okay. My error so sorry.

Changed a couple small things in the routines.

Jamie's ankle was better.

Overall better day.

Took a site seeing tour of the the city of Wroclaw. So many great pics I will post more of the best later.

Great weather.

Good Polish dinner in the city centre. Very cool city.

Did some handstands and balances in random places.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Day 1 was exciting. Canada has training with USA for three days. Everyone got along really well.

The boys did pretty good despite nerves, a sore ankle after an early hard landing and the intimidation of being at the World Age Group Championships.

Shopping was on the agenda for Steven and Cory had more important things to do.

Our music didn't work so hopefully tomorrow it will be rectified and then we can actually run a routine or two.

Hope you like the pics of the Ukrainian an Portugese teams.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fall Registration

Hi Everyone,

I know I said you would get the Registration information for the Fall soon but it will have to wait until after I return from Poland. We are still confirming the details before we can start the registration.

No worries. You will get it in plenty of time.

Good luck to the OGC boys competing in Poland this week at the World Age Group Championships for Acrobatic Gymnastics.