Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Acro Groups for 2015/2016 Update

We have recently had additional athletes try out for the OGC Acro program.  Here are the updated groups and partnerships as we see it for the time being.  Once the fall schedule is in full swing there may be a few additional changes.  We are still waiting on some athletes to give in their acceptance so making concrete decisions for all partnerships will be on going until we can have a clearer picture of who all is part of the team moving forward.  

Provincial 1
Carly Aaron
Pamela Ehinlaiye

Evangeline DeAngelis
Celina Lavoie
Olivia Beram

Avery Lanoue
Dasha Turetskiy
Lauryn tokey

Kaia Van Hunnik

Provincial Boys Group
Charlie Rickards
Feroz Ajmal
Andrew Brown-Lapalme
Ethan Sousa

Kristian Diana
Zack Hendershot
Max Hendershot
Alpin Aydiner

Zeid Kolati
Farouk Kolati

Provincial 2
Joelle Attard
Emma Gray
Danielle Durbin

Amyla George
Madeline Lusk

Neveah Willis
Paulina Staikopoulos
Divia Chotalia

Caelyn Archer
Jade Paquette

Heya Hinawi
Rachel Oseida

Provincial 3
Addison Chan
Nikki Hyravy
Marie-Eve Charette

Dilyn King
Riley Atkinson
Piper Lafayette

Masha Turetskiy
Mia Pilatzke

Trina Bagnell
Cassandra Larner

Gabrielle Nunez
Zeina Ayoub
Vanessa Nunez

Age Group Group
Juliana Summers
Theo Rots-Chan

Allison Attard
Ally Swanepoel
Emma Shemko

Mira Boubou
Jasmine Duban
Briana Donohoe

Junior/Senior Group

Charlotte Penner
Erin Oswald
Alexandra D'Souza

Tessa Hickey
Kelsey Horn
Sophie Lake

Jenelle Coutinho
Daniela Mendoza
Tessa Chiricosta

Janessa Cirello
Mackenzie Senior

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