Saturday, October 27, 2012

OGC At GO Congress doing Acro

On Friday, October 26th the OGC acrobats were demonstrators for Gymnastics Ontario's annual Coaching Congress.  The group demonstrated the basics of acrobatic gymnastics hopefully inspired some clubs to get involved this year's competitions.  Here are some pics from the day of the OGC team looking good.

Thank you to all of the OGC acrobats that took the afternoon off school to be demonstrators for the great Ontario Gymnastics community.  Your participation in events like this help build the sport.

Don and Jamie showing some one handed handstands.

Kiana showing off her basing basics.

Jack and Natalie showing the spin-down split balance.

Kelsey preparing to take flight with Isabel and Ioana.

Sydney receiving some assistance from Jane in a toe-pitch.

Time to learn proper hand positions.

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Claire working with a new coach.

Some high hand to hand work.

Nice handstands team.

Anna working with a new coach.

Great hands Anna.

Chantel getting in there to spot.

Jamie and Tessa working on some basics.

Claire doing the one-armed reverse planche with Isabel.

Jack and Natalie showing the handstand.

Don spotting Natalie with Jack.

Isabel and Ioana striking a simple pose.

Mini-mixed trio.

Kelsey, Ioana and Isabel showing off their new balance.

A little bit of backwards direction on Kelsey's layout off of Isabel and Ioana.

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