Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 3 of the Acro Training Camp March 25

Here are a bunch of great photos from the Acrobatic Gymnastics Training Camp Sunday sessions.  Tonnes of  great photos!
Women's Trio from Mississauga with Ren and Roisin in the background figuring out the code.

Oakville Trio practising their front 3/4 pike to catch.

Bases have to learn how to balance things.

Ioana, Kelsey and Isabel striking a pose.

Men's pair throwing double twist to floor.  Don and Roisin checking out the legs.

Ally working on heelie turn to seat with Alexa Barac providing instruction.

Mississauga's trio striking a balance.

Oakville's Tessa and Jack holding a nice split balance.

Avery and Ben preparing for something big.

Kelsey has a sharp kickout from her back tuck.

Scary eyes.

Are they holding it for the full 3 seconds?

Catch the back tuck.

Oakville's level 6 trio, Sophie and Brenna holding up Anna.

We need to learn how to balance.

Nice umbrella Jamie.

Jane yelling "KNEES! TOES!"

Can't let Jamie have all the fun to himself.

Can you find Roisin the clincian from Ireland.  It's like Where's Waldo?


Let normal

Not normal

Mississauga Trio: Syandene, Mikaela, and Xhosa

Learning about where the deductions are being taken. Teaching the judges.

What else could have been done to increase the score.


Nice pose by Erin and Ricardo

Dance basics during warm up.

Choreography, choreography, choreography!

Roisin Kavanagh (IRL), Ren (Mississauga), Jane Kirwan (IRL), Don Holmes (Oakville): THE COACHES!

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