Sunday, April 8, 2012

2nd Ontario Cup Photos post

Here are my choices for best photos from each of the OGC groups (that I have photos of, I missed some, my apologies) from the 2nd Ontario Cup.  I chose them because they either show great acro or great artistic expression.  I'm really pleased with how the OGC Acrobatic Gymnastics program is really starting to look like a group of performers.

Sophie, Brenna and Anna give us their biggest smiles.

The serious concentration faces of Avery and Ben.

Elizabeth, Claire and Mackenzie strike a pose.

Snapping to the beat are Katie, Emma and Ally.

Erin and Ricardo showing full extension in their lift.

Giving the judges the eye are Alexandra and Isabella.

Some serious acro from Jamie and Cory.

These girls know how to sell a routine: Kelsey, Isabel and Ioana

Making it look like fun are Marie, Natalie and Kiana

Full balance and full control demonstrated by Tessa and Jack.

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