Monday, October 31, 2011

OGC Judges: We have 8!!!

Sitting Front (l-r) Suren Torosyants, Sarah Thomas, Valere Binet, Don Holmes
Standing (l-r): Nancy Carss, Debbie D’Sousza, Amanda George, Suzie Owen, Jane Kirwan, Marissa Balogh, Jackie Wald, Anastasiya Torosyants, Tony Baker, Jackie Patrick, Joe Pacheco, Sandra Baker

On October 29th and 30th Gymnastics Ontario hosted the first ever Acrobatic Gymnastics Judging course in Canada.   With 14 participants completing the course we now have a great base of judges to put to the test during this year’s Acro competitions.  With two qualifiers and a Provincial Championships our new judges will have ample opportunity to perfect their eye for detail and delivery of scores.

Sarah Thomas and Valere Binet from USA Gymnastics Federation flew in from Annapolis, Maryland to instruct our group of enthusiastic new judges on the ins and outs of judging acrobatics.  Sarah is also a coach at 1st Class Gymnastics Club where she heads a program of 50 acrobatic gymnasts and Valere is a USAG Judge for Acrobatic Gymnastics formerly from Belgium.  Thank you to this dynamic duo for educating our group on how to be top judges.  

Thank you to Sarah and Valere as well as the USA Gymnastics Federation for the help and support we have received for this course and over the past several years as we have been developing Acrobatic Gymnastics in our Province. 

Good luck to all of our new judges and we look forward to smooth adjudication throughout the 2011/2012 Acrobatic Gymnastic season. 

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