Saturday, October 1, 2011

Competition Training Suits

Just letting everyone know that we will be having Saucy's World (a local gym suit manufacturer) come into the gym on Sunday, October 2nd to measure athletes for the royal blue and black leotards.

Athletes are expected to have this short sleeve leotard for Training Camps, Competitions and demonstrations.  We will be using this suit during the warm up and training sessions at competition so all Provincial and Elite group acrobats need to have it.  The cost is minimal.  (For competitions the athletes will get other suits that are suited to the routines we will be building).

Measuring will take place between 5:30 and 6:30pm.  I think all boys have the black singlet and black shorts but if there are any others they are welcome to purchase them as well.

I have sent an email to everyone who I think needs the suit.

If you are in either of the Interclub groups you are welcome to purchase the suit but you are not obligated to.  If you would like a suit you should come to the measuring session on Sunday, October 2nd at the gym.

The suit looks like the one Alexandra (the base) is wearing in this picture.

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