Monday, May 1, 2017

May Acrobatic Gymnastics Schedule UPDATED

Here is the May Acrobatic Gymnastics Training Schedule.

Please note that there are a few changes due to the Victoria Day weekend and the 2017 National Acro Cup and Aerobics Invitational.

Only Scott and Greg's Age Group and Junior/Senior groups will be training at the new facility. It is possible that after the 2017 NACAI other groups might start integrating trainings in the new facility into their schedules.  (the Provincial 1, 2, 3 and 4 groups as well as the Boys group will still be training at OGC).

Open Tryouts are only for new athletes.  Current acrobats will be assessed in their regular classes. 

Schedules for the summer and fall will be posted here soon.

New group placements will be posted here on the blog following the Open Tryouts.

Please understand that due to most athletes remaining in the program there may not be much movement of athletes from group to group.  Please trust our decisions and our plan for your child as we put a great deal of time and consideration into who is placed in specific spots.  Acro is not like school where you move up a Level or a group each year.  Athletes may remain in a level and a group for several seasons.  This doesn't mean that the athlete is not improving or valued in our program.  

***UPDATED MAY 22nd***

Friday, May 26th all P2, P3 and P4 athletes will train in OGC as per regular.  Due to a large number of registrants needing the competition gym for training during the day and the competition starting on Friday night there is no time available for our Provincial athletes to use the competition floor.  It is better that they get floor time to run routines in our regular gym time.
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