Wednesday, May 18, 2016

2016/2017 Oakville Acro Team List

Congratulations to all of the athletes that 
are being offered a spot on the 
2016/2017 Oakville Acrobatic Gymnastics Team.

Please note that assigning partnerships and groups is extremely challenging and a very sensitive subject for some athletes.  We have indicated new partnerships and groups where possible.  All others pairings will be an ongoing process as we strive to create what we feel are the best fit partnerships/groups for the 2016/2017 competitive season.  Note that even though partnerships may be assigned here, they could still change before competitions start as we do not know who will accept the spots they are given.  Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Thank you to everyone who tried out for the competitive Acrobatic Gymnastics Team.  We will only contact those athletes who have been given a spot on the team.  We do have a waiting list.  If a spot becomes available you may still be contacted.  

We will provide you with training times, schedules and general competitive program information soon.  We will let you know when you can pick up your Competitive Athlete Package from the OGC office. 

Provincial 1 Group (NEW!)
Coaches: Scott & Greg
Hours: 4 hours per week

1 Sophia Belal
2 Kaitlyn Lau
3 Bana Boubou
4 Macy Krueger
5 Janine Gong
6 Addison Morel
7 Madison Manning
8 Sophia Makcie
9 Amelia Tessarolo
10 Fiona Loeffler
11 Soleil Daley
12 Daniela Mendez

Provincial 2 Group 
Coaches: Alyssa & TBD
Hours: 9 hours per week

1 Nyda Faraj
2 Carys Washer
3 Anna Terwindt
4 Skyla Vince
5 Ella Flynn
6 Mia Faraj
7 Karis Jenner
8 Selena Mikael
9 Zarah Pfeiffer
10 Isla Sheridan-Jonah
11 Chloe Dinham
12 Olivia Abramczuk
13 Jorden Diana
14 Cosima Ceconi

Provincial Boys Goup
Coaches: Don & Ben
Hours: 9 hours or 11 hours

1 Adam Al Hinawi
2 Michael Zhang
3 Feroz Ajmal
4 Ethan Sousa
5 MP Adrian Riccio
6 MP Andrew Brown-Lapalme
7 MPJake Lewis
8 MP Farouk Kaloti
9 MP Charlie Rickards
10 MP Alpin Aydiner

Provincial 3 Group
Coach: Sophie & Kelsey
Hours: 11 hours per week

1 WG Meleana Yazdiani
2 WG Malak Mohamed
3 WG Teebah Sabeeh
4 WG Anabell Ceconi
5 WG Olivia Ritchie
6 WG Aleksandra Ritchie
7 Cassidy Quinn TBD
8 Carly Aaron TBD
9 Sophia Gineto TBD
10 Sara Meneses TBD
11 Gabrielle Nunez TBD

Provincial 4 Group
Coach: Scott & Greg & Sophie & Kelsey
Hours: 14 hours per week 

1 WG Addison Chan
2 WG Heya Al Hinawi
3 WG Madeline Lusk
4 WG Joelle Attard
5 WG Emma Gray
6 WG Danielle Durbin
7 WP Avery Lanoue
8 WP Cassie Brown
9 WP Aubrey Tessarolo
10 WP Jade Paquette
11 Cassandra Larner TBD

Age Group Group
Coaches: Scott & Greg
Hours: 19 hours per week
1 Olivia Beram TBD
2 Theo Rots-Chan TBD
4 WG Sydney White
5 WG Marie-Eve Charette 
6 WP Mira Boubou
7 WP Vanessa Nunez
8 MP Kristian Diana
9 MP Max Hendershot
10 WP Lola Gray
11 WP Piper Lafayette
12 Sierra Wilson TBD
13 Kiara Kacvinsky TBD

Junior & Senior Group
Coaches: Scott & Greg
Hours: 21 hours per week in the summer 

1 WP Charlotte Penner
2 WP Erin Oswald 
3 WG Ally Attard
4 WG Emma Shemko
5 WG Ally Swanepoel
6 WG Juliana Summers
7 WG Kiana Wilson
9 MxP Emilia Ceconi
10 MxP Keenan Beaumont
11 Tessa Hickey TBD

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