Sunday, December 28, 2014

Summer Handstand Photo Contest Winners

As judged by a jury of Don (because I wanted to get this done today as I am now 3 months behind on getting this posted) here are your winners.

Winners were selected based on:

1) Must be a handstand or handstand variation
2) Must be fun or clever
3) Must be "summery"
4) Must be an interesting photo

#1 Jasmine's inverted 1 arm pose on the monkey bars. Cute.  Fun. Creative.

#2 Ally's summer playground group photo.  I like the colours, the group, the editing, the summer scene.

#3 Lovisa's handstand photo is so SUMMER.  The stripes, the towel, the bathing suit, the water and the photo is pretty cool looking with the lines and angles.
 Honourable mentions:
Jasmine on the beach

Jasmine on the playground also a creative photo.

Sierra at the top of the stairs.  It worries me and makes me look.

Allison is just so summer fun in this photo.  The splash pad, the over sized leaves.  Makes me want summer back.

Allison getting some performers at Canada's Wonderland to hold her up and join in the fun.

Lovisa's beautiful scenery and neat shadow

Sydney in the big red chair.  Just hanging out.  Nothing says summer like the dock chair.

Danielle's clever handstand photo.  Like she is the evolution of balance or about be crushed by a giant slab of medal.  Run! Danielle!

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