Sunday, January 5, 2014

Family Fun Night Fundraiser January 25th

Hey All Acrobatic Gymnastics program families,  we are running a Family Fun Night fundraiser on 
Saturday, January 25th from 4:30 to 6:30pm.  

We need all of the Elite A & B acrobats to put on a demonstration and assist with supervising the obstacle course circuits.  Please plan to attend.  As well, all Elite A and B athletes should bring a healthy snack food to share with at least 12 people on the evening of the event as we provide snacks, drinks and pizza for all participants.

As well, we will need a couple parents to volunteer to help organize the food and snacks.  

Athletes in the Provincial acrobatics groups pay $15 to attend and are asked to invite family, friends and anyone who you think might be interested in coming to the gym for a fun event that will help out the acrobatic gymnastics program at the Oakville Gymnastics Club.. 

Registration is prior to the Family Fun Night.  You can register in the office or by email.

We hope everyone in the Acrobatic Gymnastics Program will attend.

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