Sunday, December 1, 2013

"Splanking" Contest for December 2013

Grandma can "splank"
Jean-Claude Van Damme does the most epic splank of all times! Don't try this at home or at least not with moving vehicles.

So you've heard of "planking": performing a facedown, lying flat position in strange places well now it's time to start "splanking".  "Splits-planking"  or "Splanking" is doing the splits in random public places .  Everyone is getting into it.  Please take the month of December to send your best "splanking" photos to Don to be posted here on the blog and on facebook.  There will be prizes for the most creative and coolest "splanking" photos.
Santa tries to splank.
Side bar: This is to promote flexibility in our Acrobats.  If you can already do the splits then just have fun with this assignment.  For those of you who can't just do your splits everywhere.  You have an excuse!

Errm...gross splanking.

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