Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Schedule Correction Extra Classes


Our apologies for mixing up the time for the Extra Class for the Bases from the Interclub Girls Group and the Provincial Group.

The schedule did say that the Extra Class for the Bases was to be on Wednesday from 6:00 to 8:00pm.  This was in obvious conflict with the Provincial Acro class.  We have moved it to Tuesday from 6:00 to 8:00pm.

Please use the above schedule as the most up-to-date Acro schedule for the Summer.

Thanks for your understanding. 

You will be receiving invitations to attend this class this week from your specific group coach.  Others will also receive invites to the Extra Tumbling Class and the Extra Tops Class.

The cost for the Extra classes is like this: 

For example: you are in the Interclub Girls Group coached by Serg and you regularly train 6 hours per week, if you take the Extra Tumbling class 1 hour and the Extra Bases class 2 hours then you are now at 9 hours per week. You look in your Parent Handbook and that will indicate a change from $163.63 over 11 payments to $209.09 over 11 payments.  You just simply move up a pay bracket in the handbook fees.  These classes are optional but highly recommended as the tops and bases in the lower level groups need the extra time to work specifically on their individual tumbling skills and their specific movements as tops and bases.  Please let your coach know if you will attend these classes.  My apologies for some typos on the handouts yesterday.  One should always edit what they write.  

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