Friday, May 17, 2013

2013/2014 OGC Acrobatic Gymnastics Team posting

Here is a list of the athletes that are being offered a spot on the 
OGC Acrobatic Gymnastics Team:

Interclub Acrobatic Gymnastics Boys Group
Coach: Don
4 hours per week
1 Ethan Sousa
2 Ryan Grandin
3 Blake Angove
4 Troy Alikakos
5 Jozeph Evans
6 Joaquin Tinio
7 Jayden Chan
8 Dylan Grech 

Interclub Acrobatic Gymnastics Girls Group
Coach: Serg
6 hours per week
1 Haleigh Andrews
2 Jasmine Duban
3 Emmalina Esmond
4 Danielle Durban 
5 Briana Donohoe
6 Stephanie Lapelle
7 Chiara Ierullo
8 Kaylen Lintott

Provincial Acrobatic Group
Coach: David
8 hours per week
1 Stacy-Anne Bryenton
2 Jessica Bosnjak
3 Brenna Tessier
4 Rebecca Whitehouse
5 Natalia Laxamana 
6 Nyda Faraj
7 Julia Booth
8 Emma Shemko
9 Tessa Hickey

Elite B Acrobatic Gymnastics Group:
Coaches: Jane, Serg, David
12 hours per week
1 Kiana Wilson
2 Sydney White
3 Marie Kowdrysh
4 Ally Maurice
5 Claire Wald
6 Daniela Mendoza
7 Alyssa Belford
8 Ally Swanepoel
9 Sierra Wilson

Elite A Acrobatic Gymnastics Group:
Coaches: Jane, David, Serg
16 hours per week
1 Natalie Pacheco
2 Jack McGarr
3 Charlotte Penner
4 Erin Oswald
5 Kelsey Horn
6 Tessa Chiricosta
7 Alexandra D'Souza
8 Sophie Lake

Congratulations to everyone who has been given a spot on the OGC Acrobatic Gymnastics Team for next season.

Thank you to everyone who tried out this year.  We appreciate the huge turn out of interested gymnasts from our recreational program.  Keep enjoying gymnastics and we hope to see you try out again next year.

Summer/Fall/Winter schedules will be included in your REGISTRATION PACKAGES  that will be available at the front desk of the OGC next week.

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