Friday, December 21, 2012

Pics from the 1st Ontario Cup for Acro OGC-style

Anna Wilson and Kiana Wilson (not sisters) performing their Level 7 Women's Pair routine.
Here are some great photos taken by Andy Patrick at the 1st Ontario Cup for Acrobatic Gymnastics.  Thanks Andy for the beautiful pictures of the competition.  

Claire Wald and Erin Oswald performing their split and arch balance in their Level 7 Women's Pair routine.

Starting off Daniela Mendoza and Brenna Tessier's Level 6 Women's Pair routine.

Don giving Natalie and Jack some last minute artistry coaching.

Isabel working on her tumbling elements on the back floor while Don looks for form breaks (the feet).

The entire group with coaches and Meet Directors.


Acro, sooo fun!

Kelsey Horn, Ioana Luchain and Isabel Cumming hitting their table balance in Junior Women's trio.

Kelsey getting into a tight pike during the girls dynamic routine.

Natalie starting of the 11-16 Mixed Pair routine with a flourish.

Beautiful position from Natalie.

The toss by the Level 6 trio of Julia Booth, Sydney White and Marie Kowdrysh.

The 11-16 Trio of Tessa Chiricosta, Alexandra D'Sousa, and Sophie Lake performing a dynamic skill.

Getting cute points for their routine is Emma Shemko (base) and Tessa Hickey (top) in their Level 5 routine.

Looking comfortable atop her bases is Tessa.

Acro is all about serving it up on a tray to the judges and audience.  Here's the gymnasts showing how they serve it up.

Judges: Joe Pacheco, Jackie Wald, Jackie Patrick, Sandra Baker, Debbie D'Sousa, Nancy Carss, and Tony Baker.

Thanks to the judges for all of their attention to detail during the competition.

Look fresh and ready to roll.

Jack and Natalie GOLD 11-16 Mixed Pair.

Sophie, Tessa and Alexandra GOLD 11-16 Women's Group.

Isabel, Kelsey and Ioana SILVER behind the Gym Mississauga trio.

Emma and Tessa SILVER in the Level 5 WP category.

Sydney, Marie and Julia capturing SILVER in the Level 6 WG.

Daniela and Brenna GOLD Level 6 Women's Pair.

Kiana and Anna GOLD, Claire and Erin SILVER in the Level 7 Women's Pair category.

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