Sunday, November 11, 2012

Successful Acro Training @ OGC

Congratulations to all of the OGC Acrobats who participated in the November 4th - 6th Training Camp.  Thank you for all working so hard and taking the time away from school to participate in this 3 day event.  Edward Upcott and Douglas Fordyce were impressed by how hard you worked and the achievements you made over the weekend.  Please keep up the effort in all trainings so that you can continue to improve.

Here are a bunch of great pics from the 3 days of acrobatic gymnastics training.
All the athletes, coaches and judges pose for a group photo with Doug Fordyce and Edward Upcott.

Everyone working hard at the Gymnastics Ontario Acrobatic Gymnastics Training Camp.

My favourite photo from the training camp.  Great focus on Sydney's face.

Jamie and Keenan getting some assistance on their support position.

Thumbs up to Sydney.

Awesome extension and poise by Daneila and Brenna, probably because Doug was watching.

Mac enjoying learning the basics of acrobatic gymnastics with a partner everyone wanted to work with because he was so light.

Jack and Natalie showing some nice extension.

The Tessa ghost.

Douglas Fordyce directing a tough warm up.

Edward Upcott looks on as Don and Doug plan the session.

Natalie, "What do you want me to do?  I'm just hanging out not doing much."

Playing with some men's four basics.

Kiana and Anna learning some new tricks.

I think the three bases should be able to catch Ryan. 

Ally and Claire working on their handstand.

Of course Tessa's toes are tight when Edward is watching.

Mac getting double the coaching assistance.

Emma Kirwan, of Ireland lends the trio a helping hand while working on their column balance.

Doug suggesting Anna stay a little tighter in her core.

Jamie and Keenan working on their handstand position as Doug takes note.

Keenan looking surprised to have a World Champion balancing on his head.

Claire and Ally getting a bit of a spot from Erin while doing a handstand.  Time for Erin to start coaching I think.

Nice socks Jack.

Claire looking calm as she flies like Super Woman.  If Erin was only a little taller.

Tessa, "What do I do?"

We got it!

Suzie and Edward pondering why Ontario Acrobats are so good.

Mississauga pair getting a bit of advice. 

Emma explaining the foot position.

Looking good Anna and Kiana.

I apparently don't like the take off angle.  Ed seems a bit concerned as well.  

Doug helping the Mississauga trio step up cleanly.

Coach Vessy giving Mac some pointers on how to hold her son with a little more technique.

Daniela soaking up the suggestions from Edward.

Edward, "Can this handstand be better?"

Douglas, "Are you pushing your shoulders down as hard as you can Tessa?"

Our youngest member of the acro team stealing the spot-light with her new base, the Amazing Suren!  Celina looks pretty comfortable.

Edward teaching some of his tricks on how to be a world class acro top.

Some of the acrobats were elated at the end of the camp.  Keenan had had a such a fun day and was very pleased with himself.

Edward Upcott and Douglas Fordyce showed off a few skills of their own.

Ed and Doug showing why they were World Champions.

Everyone following Doug's stretch.

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