Friday, July 9, 2010

Worlds Day 3 More pics & Problems

Okay, so today saw it's share of mistakes as well.
Here are the highlights and low lights.

Low light: Early Training

Highlight: We had Balance music and the routine looked good.

Low light: Decided how we would replace the bridge pyramid. (I still miss the bridge. It looked interesting.)

Highlight: Pretty solid Dynamic routine in practise gym.

Highlight: Cory and Daphne marched in with the flag for Canada.

Highlight: The Canadian boys were asked if one of them could read the Athlete's Oath. Jack and Jamie did Rock/Paper/Scissors for the job. Jamie won. (He's in the picture in the bottom left).

Highlight: Opening ceremony! Was simple and exciting for our wild fans!!!

Highlight: We have a handsome team!

I also have a tonne of pics from today so if my Internet works tomorrow at the gym maybe I can get a couple more up during the day.

Good luck Canada! We compete tomorrow!

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